Lately I’ve been having a recurring conversation about learning, namely, how humans do it and what’s the process for learning something. This mostly keeps coming up because I speak more than one language. Not really all that unusual, but to some people who are trying to pick up a second language I might have just as easily walked to the moon and back. I’m not at all an expert on the science of learning but I figured my blog would be a good place to share what I do know about it. And maybe I’ll have a Learn Spanish the Hard Way project or something at the end to post to github. We’ll see.


Welcome to UFOdev! My blog is finally online after many, many months of messing around and getting distracted. This time around I knew I had to get it done or it wasn’t going to ever be done. All Mary Lou in ‘84 on y’all, I came through in the clutch and got this mofo up and going. Now…only 1000 more things to go.